Reminder: All Tac169th members remember to take out libs before an IP game.
Important: The Tac169th does not in no way shape or order condones cheating!
Please send me an e-mail if you find any broken links!

FA 1.02 patch
Description: This patch prevents blue screens and you will need this patch to play ip games

Lib date stamp program
Description: Version 2.0. Suggest you set the date to 1/1/97. Works with Fighters Anthology and ATF Gold. Use this program to change the File Date's of ATF Gold's Libraries. Written by Cameron Paine . Copy to your ATF Gold directory.

crc check program
Description: Use this program to verify the download of the lib was not corrupted. It's a simple DOS program. Copy it to the directory where the file is you want to check. Its CRC is 118665 and the length is 149800 bytes.

Description: 11 October 1999 - Fighters Anthology H2H Flight Model Library. This Library only works with Fighters Anthology. After unzipping, copy the 714FaFM.Lib file to your \Fighters Anthology directory.(Both 714 libs needed to work)

Description 11 Oct 98 - Fighters Anthology H2H Shape/Picture Library. This Library only works with Fighters Anthology. Most of the shapes are from the PLANES.Lib Library and the works of Gavin Bennett.(Both 714 libs needed to work)

Description: In planes.lib you'll find improved and new planes with correct weapon loadouts.this lib also includes many new weapons (most of them have new icons, the ones that don't will have them by final relese).

Description: Shapeup2 has ALOT of new planes and improved plane shapes.

Description: A fantastic lib by Vark.

Ice lib 2.5
Description: This is a great lib the after burners are a bit louder and they sound exactly the same as one in real life.the guns are more realistic and more air crafts.THIS LIB IS HOT!!.

Flight Sim Demos

WW II Fighters(57mb) Description: The historical theme and timeline of WWII Fighters is based on the Battle of the Ardennes, which took place from late 1944 to early 1945. The full game includes two complete Campaigns (one Allied, one Axis), 35 Single Missions, a Mission Editor and a Quick Mission generator.

Fa Missions

Napalm Mission(3.61kb) Description: You are to take off, fly to designated waypoints, and Destroy the Warships in the Kirov Battle Group. F-14's and an AV-8 will provide CAP. Two A-6E's from the IKE will provide some SAM and AAA suppresion. As well as a high speed armed reconnaissance by an F-22A.