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About Long Bow Gold

LONGBOW GOLD is one of the two new products released by Jane's combat simulations. Although there isn't all that much new about this title, it is a good value for anyone who doesn't already own LONGBOW. The GOLD package includes "Jane's AH-64D LONGBOW" and the expansion disk, "FLASH POINT KOREA". The only improvement in the package is that there is a WIN'95 exe. file which allows the program to run much better from WIN'95 than it did previously. For anyone who already owns the original LONGBOW, Jane's is offering a $10 rebait on LONGBOW GOLD when you return your used CD's, original receipt for LONGBOW and regestristration card for LONGBOW GOLD. For those of you who have already bought the expansion disk "FLASHPOINT KOREA", there really isn't much use of considering this title.