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1. You must always respect other squad members and other squads as well. Disrespect to fellow squad members and other squad members we not be tolerated.

2. Please show up as much as you possibly can. Attendance in the 169th is very STRONGLY requested.

3. To have FUN this is just a game made to have fun and thats what we want is for you to have FUN.

4. The use of libs in a game agianst a opponent that does not have the lib in or has not given u permission to take the lib is prohibited.

5. Please try to be on at least 2 times a week so that we know you are here... we understand if you cant be but please try and also if you are going to be INACTIVE please send one of our generals E-mail.

Your ranking will be ranked as the following

1. Your ability as a pilot in the skies.

2. The way you act around other squad members and other squads.

3. Time spent with the squad. (ATTENDANCE IS STRONGLY REQUESTED)